Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Weaving Sticks

I mentioned the weaving sticks Caroline Marriot was selling on Saturday. (my fingers want to type stitch so end up typing stitcks!)
This is what was on the sticks I bought. (Although I had already changed the warp threads when I took this photo.)

I like these colours, but don't really have other wool or yarns to go with this. So I dipped into my collection of wools from Linton tweeds. I bought them at the first Sewing for Pleasure show I went to in the mid 90's!
This was just the thing for them. It made a thicker weave, because most were at least 2 threads together, if not 3 or 4. I started it on Sunday evening watching Country File and finished Monday night watching the Sewing Bee!

So, it makes up quick, it is addictive (as in 'you can't stop going on to the next thread colour'), and is a good use of odds and ends of threads that aren't enough to use for something else.

Only what will I do with it? I still need to tie off the warp thread ends and perhaps plait them or put beads on them.
Well, this was a sample, so that is okay. I have some blue and white eyelash yarn I have had for ages that I think will be pretty wonderful worked up on this. Maybe make/buy some more pegs?
I will have to experiment.

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