Friday, 27 May 2016

Engage! with Art at South Hill Park

I have had the privilege this year to be involved in setting up an event at the beginning of July for Art at South Hill Park. This is our local arts centre, the grounds of which we dog walk or wander looking for inspiration... the mistletoe in this tree.
Or these ducks. (Actually, a group of us from church did a ramble around the North Lake on Sunday afternoon.)

The event coming up is called Engage! with Art at South Hill Park.
It will be a contemporary visual art event with unusual art works and site specific installations.
Enlarge the images to see the brochure.

At the moment, the work is all in the proposal stage, so the publicity shows images of similar installations by artists in other places or photo manipulated images to give the idea. I am excited to say that my image, worked on with the PaintShopPro programme is on the brochure!

Oh! and did you notice? We applied for a grant from Arts Council England and were given it! So, wow! the participating artists will be paid!

I have always thought the bull sculpture at the front of the building was very humorous. Perhaps being raised on a farm?
So, you can see what I am proposing if you look at the second page. I will wait til it is nearer to July to tell you more about it.

However, in the course of researching the Bull at the Gate sculpture, I have had the privilege to converse with the sculptor, Marcel Baettig. He made the piece during his artist in residency in the mid-90's. So, he asked if I had any photos. Of course! I think it is so cool! So, I sent him photos. Hopefully, he will come along to the event and see how things have changed at SHP. Marcel is now the Chief Executive Officer at Bow Arts, Bow, East London.

I am also going to be doing a 'workshop' interactive activity with visitors. So, if you are in the area on the first weekend in July, do come along and say hello! As I say, more to follow nearer the time.

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365 Dresses said...

Very interesting, Sandy. I, too, love the bull sculpture at the front. Hopefully, you will post photos from the event?