Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Caroline Marriot talk and workshop

On Saturday at the TVCT meeting we had Caroline Marriot who gave a talk about her work and then did a workshop.

The workshop was about layering fabrics to fuse
and then to stitch.
Some of the work in progress from the TVCT afternoon workshop.
Sorry, my photo programme froze after I did all the work to make the combination photo,
so I had to do a screen shot snip instead. So it isn't as easy to see as I would have liked.

We were all fascinated by her discussion of rag rugging and her involvement with the Big Weave. We bought up her packs of weaving pegs and rag rug hooks.

I was planning a few taster demos in the afternoon of the next January meeting, so I asked Caroline back for a taster of rag rugging!
Caroline will show her work and have it for sale at the White Knights Studio Trail in Reading. That link also has images of some of what she has made.

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