Saturday, 7 May 2016

Catching you up

Something on SATURDAY - at last
This week has been a bit up and down with headaches and/or backaches!
But at least now someone wants to do something about the headaches and I am being referred somewhere. But I had a headache and can't quite remember who I am going to see! so, I will remember when I get the letter with the appointment...or something.

Anyway, I did a few other things like collecting the Lilac and Lace gown from Henley. Consolidated a cupboard or two to get boxes on the floor into hiding. (I am storing the Worn Threads things, so I needed to make a bit of room to get at my cupboards.)

I have been working on the Ramshackle that I am not showing. It will be wide, which is a bit different. It is longer than my table, so I had to move the sewing machine to elongate the design area. I nearly have the houses cut out. Thanking a friend who gave me a little pack of tiny appliqué pins several years ago! I need to work out how to get it fused.

In sorting the cupboard, I found the perfect lace and fabric to go with the lovely silk I want to use for my gown for Festival of Quilts. So, now it is all propped in sight while I consider the shaping of the gown.

And so you have something to look at...
The cherry at the back of the house when it was blossoming and the sky gave a wonderful backdrop to the pale pink.
Quite a few leaves had already come out. They are all out now and no blossoms.
The weather is suddenly summer. Last weekend there was snow in some places! And here we had hail and sleet that piled up. If you can believe it, I am now wearing a short sleeve blouse...without a vest under it!

And during the week there have been some new possibilities open up. I am doing a solo show of gowns and work at Lady Sew and Sew next March. And also doing a couple of workshops in conjunction.
Also doing one or two workshops in conjunction with the Contemporary Quilt exhibitions at the National Needlework Archive this Autumn. The pieces made from the challenge fabrics from Kazakhstan will be on display there, so I am going to do a workshop about building a fabric like I used for the Collared Dragon.

So, here is hoping the head isn't so muddled next week and there will be something to post!

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