Monday, 9 May 2016

Red skirts

A while ago I was sewing along with a Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest. Then had to stop and work on textile art things. My wardrobe was based on red, black and white.

Now it is time to begin the finishes as and when I can.
First up, putting hook and bar closure on the waistband of these red skirts! Not hard really.
Why 2 red skirts. One is a bit darker more of a blue red, if you know what I mean. So they will go with different things.

red moleskin A line with flare skirt
dark red corduroy trumpet skirt

I was trying the idea of making the front just a bit shorter, as I always seem to have to fold over the waistband in front to make it even. I do know how to describe this pattern and fitting wise, but this has been a very bad head day.

Sorry for hanger views. With the bad head, I wasn't up to trying to do model shots. When I get one of the blouses done, I will do the skirt and blouse model thing.

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365 Dresses said...

They are going to look great on you!