Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Busy times

I have been quilting away at the Ramshackle piece. I managed a system with my long table behind the machine that works better than I have had to deal with previously.

I was also doing some consolidation of fabrics so I could make a bit more space in here - or at least get the boxes off the floor.

I was delighted to discover some pieces that will work well to make my gown for Festival of Quilts this year.
I had the golden yellow silk for nearly 25 years. A remnant for £3 a metre! I hadn't been able to think of anything to properly work with it.
But, in the cupboard where the lace was kept, I found this lace remnant had slipped behind a box. Oh! It is just the right colour for the pale part of the silk!
And then I remembered I had just re-sited the pale green translucent fabric and knew it would be perfect to 'line' the lace. Otherwise, the lace wouldn't be so effective from a distance on the catwalk.

So, now I am getting very excited and chomping at the bit to get the other projects out of the way so I can start!

And coming up, Lilac and Lace will be going to Sandown. (National Quilt Championships) So, if you are going, look out for it!

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365 Dresses said...

Beautiful synchronicity! I'd love to reduce my stash, but don't seem to be able to accomplish anything.