Saturday, 12 March 2016

ticking over

I am still here. Just dealing with too many headaches this week. If not at the start of the day, they come later. So, by the end of the day, I haven't been too motivated to find something to blog about.
However, I am making good progress with sewing the wardrobe.

Also this week, I started working with the daughter of a friend who is getting married. She brought her dress and I am going to do a few alterations for her.
Including working out a bustle so she can dance in it in the evening. The train is pretty heavy. After some time, we got something near enough to what I will make it so she could see how it would look.
Yes, it will be even and the buttons done up over the zip! She also wants the 'eyelashes' on the lace edge trimmed off. I think you can just about see them at the bottom of the train.
I haven't seen her for ages, but she has turned out to be a very lovely girl. I won't show you the whole dress as she wants to keep it fairly secret/

And then today I spent a few hours at the an Easter Fair at the community centre, organised by the local councillors. It was mostly a craft fair, but I had a table with a few of the pieces from the TVCT Worn Threads exhibition.
work from left to right - Mavis Roles- 'A Fading Bloom', Annie Hamilton- 'Ten Thousand Apples', Mavis Walker- 'The Blue Toddler' and my 'Seams' wax paper piece.
As I had these pieces with some of the others stored here, I thought it might be a good plan to take them! No catalogues sold, but there were several people interested in the group. Since we meet at the community centre, I thought it might be good to interest local people.
The stand must have been interesting as the Mayor decided he needed a photo along side of it! So I got them to take one with my camera, too.

An extra thank you to my friend who showed up just when I really needed some help!

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