Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ramshackle: Country Community

All the pieces laid out, trimmed, and fused.

As you might have recognised. This is the same fabric as Ramshackle Villages. Somehow this time the print is not bothering me. But I need to hang it up on my cupboard and see how it looks before I decide on using crayon to knock back the print.

I really, really need some way to raise my work table. My back has been protesting dreadfully at leaning over and positioning wee pieces of fabric.

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mckittycat said...

Don't know what kind of table legs you have but I use Bed risers to lift my table up to a workable height. You can get them bed, bath and linen type stores. If the legs are skinny then PVC pipes cut to raise the table with caps on the bottom ends to protect the floor. You can insert a smaller diameter PVC pipe into the first to get the table to the right height or whatever else you can stuff in there that won't compress at different rates making the table top uneven. Good luck.