Saturday, 5 March 2016

a little selfish sewing

I wanted to fill a few gaps in my wardrobe. I haven't much by way of clothing that works for in-between winter and summer. I started some last year, but only got so far when my brother died. Okay, I could finish off some of those blouses and the black linen skirt. But instead I decided to go along with this year's Pattern review wardrobe.

Because it is 2 months this time, I worked out a plan to sew clothes 2 weeks in Feb and then finish the Refugees. Then sew 2 weeks in March (hopefully finishing the garments) and then work on a possible entry along the same lines for Wide Horizons V. But let us keep in mind that they want you to do 10 garments and I don't sew knits. I am not signing on the dotted line until I know I can do it. This will become important in the story, so hang in there.*

Okay. Here were most of the fabrics I had out to choose from to start. I decided to get a bit of colour in there, but the black and white can go with other things I have.
A few on the left side were deselected because of the amount of fabric needed for what I thought they might like to be. I was able to get 9 garments to the point where the main body was complete by the finish of the 2nd week in Feb.

Required: 2 bottoms (skirts, trousers, etc.)
As of today, I have two red skirts to the point where they need the waistband stitched down and then after trying them on, the hem taken up.
red cotton moleskin is flared gored and dark red corduroy is trumpet style.

Required: 2 tops (blouse, shirt, etc)
I have 4 blouses to the point that they have all the vertical seams and/or darts done. Not a little amount of work, I tell you.
Photos when they look better!

5 your choice:
Along with the extra 2 blouses,
3 dresses. one with cap sleeves done and needs hem. The fabric isn't in the photo above. It is a burgundy with small flower print.
one with sleeves about to be done, but needs cuffs and hem
one to the point of vertical seams. This should be lined, but may be an after thought!
Photos when I get the sleeves in at least.

Required: 1 topper
1 jacket not cut - had to change plans because I realised I was thinking cap sleeves and nearly all the blouses/dresses have long sleeves and my gorgeous silk velvet remnant won't do. But I have just the right amount of a black velvet offcut someone gave me.
This should be lined, but also may be an afterthought.

*The bit of the story that goes with not signing up I heard my dad has fallen again. Broke his leg below the knee. They are waiting to hear from the surgeon as to when he can go to the big hospital for surgery. As it happens, both my sisters are there, as my sis from Alaska is visiting, and my sister's son was staying overnight with mom and dad. So, my mom had someone there last night when dad fell.

This leg is the one that he fell and the hip was broken around Easter last year and they had to do a partial hip replacement because he carried on a week with pain killers then asked his doc for something strong and carried on another week before my mom made him go to hospital.
This leg is the one that he fell and the thigh bone was broken just after Father's day because he was using his walker to hang onto while bending down to get wood.
My son said they should just give him a wooden leg so they don't have to worry about it any more!

So, today, while waiting for word about Dad, putting in a sleeve in a floppy viscose fabric was a good distraction. Whether I can deal with the tension and the sewing for the rest of the time, I don't know!

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