Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Developing bead tassels for March -and creating a new word?

On my plan for the year for my daily bead project, I am doing beaded tassels and then the little fabric squares on alternate months. However, I am not keeping the tassel pattern the same each month. That would be too easy boring!

No, really I decided I wanted to develop different tassel designs. I sketched out several ideas. After all, I would only need 6, and I have already done one month.

So, March and time for the tassel for March. What I didn't realise is that this challenge to myself would be so stretching.
I will let the photos speak.

I thought to do 3 pieces dangling from the top part. I used beads that would go with, but are not exactly matching the rest of the month.
First thought... the little dark bead needs to come into the bottom section of the tassel, too.

Second thought...not sure I like the uneven hanging. The bottom bit/string/tass * (?) to the left is actually meant to be hanging from the middle because the short tass to the right is the bottom.

Try adding a tass from the other green set between the bugles.
Third thought...Well, that is just awkward. Like some running man.

Try balancing the top tass and the middle tass with companion tasses.
Fourth thought...Okay, we have lost the simplicity I was trying to go for with one 'string' that has a few tasses hanging off.

And besides, I might run out of the green and yellow crystals I want to use.
Fifth thought...Ah yes, this is better.
and oh, hang it on a pin? Also looks more tassel-like.

And so there you have a story of development;

*a new word. Tass (Better than saying bit, piece, string, whatever and totally confuse us all.)

and I might still run out of the yellow and green crystals I have chosen (come back Sunday!), but I can use the type I have here if I can't find more.
Because this 'sample' will become the bead for March 31. For January I put the sample at the beginning, but then me and numbers...well I kept losing track and having to get them all out of their little pot and count them again! (Have I made 18 or 19?)

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