Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cuff 'em

Eventual progress on wardrobe...3 days to do 6 cuffs sets.
Basically, the continuous bound plackets take more time than you would think. Especially when I hadn't added them to my break down list.

But here are the dresses and blouses ready for hand work. I like to hand stitch things like cuffs, waistbands, collars and etc after stitching and turning to inside.

As you can see collars are to come. But I need to work out the fit. I have lost a little of that medicine weight gain, so may need to trim a bit from the CF before adding the button stands. (I added a little there after finding the last set of blouses were just a bit snug over the tum. Now they aren't. Hurrah!)

Continuous bound plackets and cuffs now can be done in the dark. Or something.

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