Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Refugees - finished

I actually wasn't sure what to call this piece when it came to it. But as I have been saying 'the refugee piece' or similar when I talk about it, I realised that 'Refugees' says enough and lets the viewer think about what it means.

So here it is.

h-58.5 w-26.5 in.
h-148.5 w-67cm.

Put yourself in her place. No home left. The best of what she rescued has been taken. Unmentionable trauma. Loss or death of family members. Walking day after day... to where? Where is food? Where is water? And what will happen then? Will it be safe? Will she return? Will there be anything left to return to?

Various stitched marks and raw fraying are used to depict the turmoil going on inside of a refugee.

Materials – cotton British muslin, thread
Techniques – rust dyed, fused, frayed edge reverse machine appliqué, hand stitch

and another detail

For this particular entry, one sided is what they want. I haven't climbed on chairs pinning and unpinning to photograph the other side yet. I took the day off to catch up the bead project.

I am not sure the photos are the best - the top photo colour is accurate. But if the work is not required for SAQA's Turmoil (and Tranquillity) exhibition in November, then I will enter it for something else. I have an idea of how to expand the idea and perhaps develop it for another call for entry that is looking for large or unusual work.

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Maggi said...

Fabulous work Sandy.