Tuesday, 4 August 2015

sleeves, labels and parcels

The Ethiopian is on hold. The exhibition organisers somehow hadn't got things right that Stretching Art wanted a space again this year. (This is the 15th year?) So, it has been rearranged to New Jersey next spring.

...and breathe! I can finish it after the Festival of Quilts and for once I will have something done ahead of time. Hurrah!

************ But no time for rest...

So, the Secret Ramshackled piece needed to go off to Germany this week.

Yesterday and today, I have been sewing and stitching hanging sleeves and the extra just-in-case and it-might-be-a-good-idea-if-you sleeve (or tunnel if you are German) for the bottom.

And writing the label.
I could do posh. I could stitch a fabric something. But this label can't be removed...
and carries 'the hand of the artist'! Or so I say.

I have been wrapping layer after layer of bubble wrap, tissue, more tissue, quilt, strong tissue, bubble wrap etc, etc!
That is a thin light box for the middle to keep it all sturdy. We hadn't anything else the right size.

And then parcelling.

And thanks to the Thoughtful Man, the courier is booked to come collect in the morning.

Phew! I told my friend Maggi that I think there needs to be a quilt sleeve, label and parcel fairy to help people who need to send quilts places! If you know any of these, please send them my way.

The opening is the 13th of September. So, a little over a month and I can show you at last.

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365 Dresses said...

We have "Shirley In Shipping" who lives in the basement and does all the packing and shipping for three households. Someone it isn't as onerous for me if I can have Shirley do it. I also have an imaginary maid, Maria, who gets the blame if the dusting or whatever hasn't been done. :) Now you know for sure that I'm nuts.

I'm looking forward to the opening and seeing your entry!