Saturday, 22 August 2015

More at FoQ

I have been busy sorting and refreshing thoughts and ideas for a new start in the Autumn. So, I am very weary, but won't have so much clutter to work round.
In the meanwhile, you get more of my items of interest from FOQ. I didn't get much look at the competition quilts...I meant to do so on the Sunday, but then that was busy with other things.

But many others have shown their highlights of the Festival of Quilts, so I am pretty much focusing on the Quilts Creations section because I do like to see what is there. In the past I have entered work in that category, but the past few years when I did gowns for the show, I just didn't have time for another wearable art along with the textile art I have been doing.

These two garments in particular were the ones that I thought were amazing.

The Czarina by Kathy Knapp.

Once Upon a Time by Karen Frost. This was hard to get photos of because all the little princesses there with their mum's and grandma's were examining the detail!

I took a photo of Karen's explanation about her inspiration and how she incorporated items into the work.
You should be able to enlarge that image to read it better. Enlarge the sleeve detail image below and see if you can spot the pumpkin and the mice!

Wow! Wouldn't you like to meet the Princess and Czarina who would wear these?
I should have mentioned that this work was awarded 'Highly Commended'. Quite right, too!

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