Monday, 17 August 2015

purchases at FOQ

This year I didn't have as much money saved up because of going to America earlier in the year. But being very judicious, I managed to get what I needed with one or two new ideas.
And asking around at Wonderfil about threads lead to being offered a sample pack which they give to teacher. (I may have an opportunity to do some more workshops.)

As usual I was co-ordinating the stewarding for the SAQA exhibition. Just across the path to one side was Philippa Naylor's stand. I was quite impressed by the ingenuous way to display her scarves.

And a few of her garments. Philippa started out as a fashion designer.

I loved this jacket with the wonderful twist across to behave like a scarf!

I also got some close up photos of the stitching she does on her quilts.

I thanked her for breaking the fear barrier for me about machine quilting. I took my Mother-in-law to the Quilt Museum in York one time years ago. Philippa was doing a demo. When I saw that she does all that amazing work on a domestic machine going chug-chug-chug, I decided I could do machine quilting!

I overheard Phillip say to someone that she likes to challenge herself, talking of trying out her techniques on a small scale.
and here in the miniature section...
All of the above designs are solely credited to Philippa Naylor.

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