Tuesday, 25 August 2015

getting the angles right

I mentioned how difficult it was to align things because the print fabric in the background was printed on fabric which was not taut or was pulled out of alignment. This was also causing difficulty in placement of the pieces.

I was looking for a poster-like feel to the layout. But because of the width of my table, I had to do everything sideways. I wanted to be sure the angles of the pieces were similar...usually I just eyeball it. But it was so difficult to be sure with all those conditions.

So, I got a few of the rulers and things out that I bought when I first dipped my toe into pattern drafting. I have never used them since as they were not what was needed!

I decided the large piece would be my starting point. I am not sure how mathematical people work these things out, but I used the protractor and the set square in a 'magical' configuration, and then went with that for the rest!

I think it is 80/100 degrees, but who knows?

After everything was more or less sorted, I pinned them down. For overstitching the raw edge, I chose to use a pattern on my machine which I felt worked with the pattern in the background fabric.

And so to the running man tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely colours and layout in this so far. Looking forward to the next stage!