Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Fun things at FOQ

A wonderfully drooling Fish Monster!

By Daisy May Collingridge
If you got the Quilt Angel to press the button, you could hear him say something like I like Fish. But by the time I got to really looking on the Sunday, the battery had run down. The QA was trying to get it to play for a little girl.

Wonderful textures achieved by the quilting.

The thing that impressed me was the excellent execution of the design. Not everything you get in your head comes out well! But more than that, the technique was also done to a high standard.
I think this should definitely go to live at a library!
A bit more grown up.
A Steampunk Elephant By Helen Dickson

Love the articulated trunk
and legs.

Loads of detail


365 Dresses said...

Oh, my goodness!! Those quilted animals are marvelous! Just marvelous. I'm also so annoyed when one of my sewing friends says "I don't quilt." Said with disdain, it eliminates such a world of wonders from their vision. Thank you for sharing these!

Sandy said...

They are amazing aren't they? I have had people say they don't dress-make either. Too bad for them!
So much you can learn from knowing something about as many of the sewing disciplines as you can.