Friday, 14 August 2015

Lilac and Lace update

Services resuming...I was at Festival of Quilts last week and have been catching up since I returned. I have tried to post but something was not working.
Today I have Googled why, only to find that the new Windows 10 with special browser which The Thoughtful Man uploaded while I was away, does not support Blogger - or Blogger doesn't support it..or something. So, I am using a different Browser to get the photos up. Grr. Apparently something is in the works to get them to talk to each other again.


As you may remember, the gown Lilac and Lace was going to be in the Fashion Show at Festival of Quilts.

Let's just say. It was in the fashion show.

Words have been said about the fact that it was lumped in with a couple other designers all classed as a Bridal Collection - which they weren't - and no mention was made of who made it (me) nor was the blurb read out which I had submitted.

I won't go into all the rest, but the lady who organised was appalled and 'plans are afoot' and all that. And I have been specifically asked to do a gown for next year.

So, I am adding some of the photos I took before I went.

A positive thing to come from it all? Zandra Rhodes also had work in the show....

=^D so there.

I have had work in a fashion show where Zandra Rhodes had work!


365 Dresses said...

What a disappointment for you! But, as you say, you are in hallowed company with the likes of Zandra Rhodes. Your dress looks lovely and elegant on the runway.

Susan Lenz said...

Your garment is fabulous. Wearing it must make the model feel like some sort of princess.
PS Please ignore the sentence I wrote in an email to you. I figured out why I couldn't post a comment. Silly me! The pop-up block got buried behind other, open windows on my laptop's screen. When about to shut down, I found it. With this window open, Blogger refused to open another comment block ... of course! Chalk this issue down to user stupidity! LOL!