Friday, 3 July 2015

trials for beading the sleeve hem

So, the beads.

Here are a few of the trials for attaching and embellishing the flower motifs on the sleeve hems.

And the one I settled on.

One sleeve done.
Only 2 more to do on the other sleeve, but it is bedtime. (Yeah, I almost typed beadtime!)

All of the first four attempts were done on a scrap motif... and of course I unpicked and started again each time.

So, when it came to having a think about the scattered embellishments on the garment, I got wise and decided to just poke some bead needles into the stacks, see what they looked like and so on. It was a lot easier to change! and this is what I think I will settle on.

Sitting beading and listening to the tennis...not on the telly, I wouldn't get anything done!

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Maggi said...

Lovely choices. I can't do anything when Federer is playing!