Saturday, 18 July 2015


A few months ago a friend asked me to do a makeover on her t-shirt.
She didn't like the blingy look of parts of the screen print.

I forgot to take a photo of the whole before I started, but this is where I decided to start.
I thought by starting here, I could workout whether I could actually paint over with fabric paint while still retaining the screen print look.

So, here is that section repainted.
At first I was going to do most of the gold bit there. But after the larger parts were painted over, I realised that the black came forward and the gold receded. Up close you can tell the painting, but from a distance, it looks like it was meant.

So I proceeded to the largest part on the main print. Here it is with the large gold bit covered by black.
You can imagine what it looked like with that bold motif shining solid gold paint. Some people like bling, but for my friend, the result is much more tasteful.

I was concerned that because the fabric paint is sitting on top of gold paint, that it might get stretched - for instance if it were across the bosom. But the placement is fine, and the paint should be stable for some time if she washes it turned wrong side out.

My husband saw the finished t-shirt laying on my worktable. He (of the school of Never Draw Attention to Yourself) said. "What did she think was wrong with it? It looks fine to me."
So, that was confirmation. He agreed that to have the large motif gold would be a bit too much!


Maggi said...

You've done a great job join this. Whatever made her buy it in the first place if she doesn't like bling??

Sandy said...

Good question! I think it didn't seem so blingy to her until she had it on and the bold gold bit was there just above her chest.