Friday, 17 July 2015

changing focus

I have been stitching the hooks and eyes onto the front opening.
I stitched the hooks down to just be at the edge. Then stitched the lining down to cover.
A similar thing for the hooks, but I have a modesty panel made of the lilac fabric also inserted between lining and gown proper. It will mean that the gown meets edge to edge, but any gapping is not an issue. I have used about 8 sets of hooks and eyes. If this were to be worn for a 'posh do', I would use more. But for a fashion show, you have to keep in mind how little time the models have to get in and out of the garments. So, fewer better.

Just one photo for now because I was catching up on daily beads from being away.
And finalising the rota for the SAQA exhibition at Festival of Quilts...which is not too far away now!

And then I have begun doing the preparation for the next project.
I collected a few images to get ideas of how the subject matter would look. So I have been doing a bit of play work in Paint Shop Pro to get an idea of how I will do the layout.

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Maggi said...

You've obviously done this before. I would never have thought of considering the changing time!

Bet you're enjoying having a change to something different after putting in so much work on this