Wednesday, 15 July 2015

running up and down

We made a quick journey to York and back to see my MIL. She is doing well.
She has a little flip book with memory quotes on the pages. I hadn't seen this one before, so I took a photo.
Quite like I feel most times!

A bit of recovery time this morning because of the bad headache which follows doing too much. The journey up and back so quickly takes a lot out of me. The place we stayed overnight was very nice, but the bed was rather hard, so that didn't help.

But oh well.

Once I got the head under control, I got quite a lot done for getting the lining inserted in the Lilac and Lace gown.
All pinned in place.

I am hand stitching it using slip stitch. I wanted to get the beads on before the lining so that I would have less bulk to deal with. It is hard to reach up under the lining to stitch things in place! But that means that with the beads on, you can't run it under the foot of the sewing machine. But doing it by hand also means that you can ease it in places like the armscye.

I will talk about the fastenings when I get them sorted. What I am doing I think will work, but I want to see before I talk about it!

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Maggi said...

Love that quote. I'm glad that you've got the headache under control. At least hand stitching can be quite therapeutic.