Tuesday, 21 July 2015

And so it is finished!

Yesterday was a hospital day, but I finished the 'eyes' part of the hooks and eyes.
You can see what I meant before about the modesty panel in the lilac fabric. I have hooked the first 2 sets up where the lace is. So, hanging right there are no gaps. But I have the modesty panel just in case there is a bit of gaping in movement of the model.

A closer detail.

Don't mind the puckering. It is because I was pulling things about so you could see the eyes peeking out. In reality you can't see either hook or eye, even when the front is open.

Today I was able to get the last of the lining sewn in. (Well, everything needs a press. or more likely I will steam it before taking it with me in a garment bag in the car.)
Nothing exciting to look at, but since I stitched it all in by hand, well it is exciting to me!

And just to complete the look...

A bit of bead tassel at the top of the walking splits.
I am very tempted to stitch beads along the slits like I do on the little beaded fabric projects. But not now. and not before the Festival of Quilts. Maybe before Henley Art Trail next year when it will get more up close exposure...but I expect I will have settled on it being complete by then!

I am going to get another 'proper photo' at the sewing group on Saturday.

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Maggi said...

Can't wait to see this on the catwalk.