Saturday, 26 July 2014

Something on Saturday

I have been working on the dragon gown this week, but also having a birthday.
So, here are a few sewing birthday delights.

I was totally out of Misty Fuse or any other fusible for that matter. So, the Thoughtful Man worked out prices and a discount code I had from Barnyarns and discovered you could get enough of the 2.5 yard packages and still cost less than the 10 yards from America which a Certain Young Man could bring back next week if I had it sent to him. (only I really need it this week!) So, 4 packages of white and 2 of black. That should keep me going for a while.

And the other little bits are Very Cool. The Thoughtful Man is a gadget person. (Last year he gave me a microscope you can connect to the computer and then use the images for design, etc!) SO this year it was all these little parcels and a link to a very fascinating thing.

I have heard of using LEDs in your work and fibre optics, both in conceptual garments and in textile art as Kate Findlay has been experimenting with.
Wellll, this is along the same lines, but more than just having lights in your work, it has a sensor which you can shine up to whatever colour you are wearing and it will detect the colour and change the lights to match! Can you believe it?
You can check out this link for a page with a little video of how they have used it in a scarf.

Obviously, a scarf is slightly less exotic than what I am sure my imagination can produce with a bit of consideration! ;-) What fun!

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