Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Getting the work sent out - or fixing things so you can

Sometimes I feel like it is easier to make the work than it is to get it all sorted to be sent off!
But Sew Large and Menina de Favelae Água are ready for collection in the morning.

First, though, I got the sleeves sewn on. Made sure a flap of fabric was tacked on to hide my name for the judging part. Then sorting 3 labels for each quilt. one to be stitched on the back, one to be included with the packaging inside, and one to be stuck to the parcel.
So, all was well. I even stitched the labels on in such a way that my name on the label still was hidden under the name flap. (There has got to be a better way for the organisation to do this!)

Then I tried to fit them both into the large cardboard tube. Hmm. okay, try using a smaller thing to wrap Menina around. hmm.
So, I unwrapped...
and then found I had swapped the labels stitched to the back! Even though I wrote the name of the piece on the back of the label so I wouldn't mix them up? I still did. So, a bit more unsewing and resewing. not so easy on paper!

Eventually I wrapped Menina around the outer wrapping of Sew Large... after finding the rules and re-reading to see if there were any notes about not sending them that way. I didn't see anything but that more than one quilt could be sent together if you put the outside labels for both of them on the outside. Shouldn't be too much confusion for them as one is much narrower, and I wrote a note to say there were two there.

And then the Thoughtful Man weighed and sorted the label business. Phew.

What I was doing yesterday.

Since Menina already had a sleeve from when she was in the Water,Water exhibition and then at the Spring Knitting and stitching show, it could have been easy to get her ready.

However, I was gutted to see how wavy the edges were when she was exhibited. At home she was fine! I thought it might be that it was over a radiator in the gallery for Water, Water. But even though she was nicely rolled, it still wasn't great at Spring K+S.
I realised I had to do something for Festival of Quilts as it is quite humid there and even some of the place winners in the traditional quilt section discover their quilts are a bit wobbly.

SO, I cut 2cm strips of pelmet Vilene.

unsewed the side bindings at the back. Slipped the Vilene under the binding and restitched them.

Then starched the whole thing back and front!

Well, it made a difference. (even with wadges of white sheets and cupboard door handles behind her.
Let's hope it stays.

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