Saturday, 5 July 2014

Something on Saturday

When we were in Yorkshire last autumn, we saw all sorts of these flowers along the verges when we took walks. The photo isn't so great because it was dusk and a bit windy. We weren't positive, but they looked like orchids.
Anyway, there were seed pods that went 'sproing' - you can see them hanging shaped like chandelier drop pendants. And if you clasped your hands round them they could sproing in your hand and you could collect the seed. So we collected a variety - darker throats, darker petals, lighter petals, etc. By the time we brought them home, we couldn't remember which was which. But anyway, my husband planted a few to see what would happen.

And voila here is the first flower!
I still am not sure they are actually orchids, but they have the deep throat like orchids do.

And here is an exciting thing! I went out about 9:30pm to see if I could get a photo of the flower side on. It was still light enough to see, but not light enough for a good photo. The camera set on auto came out too blurry. So, I set it on night portrait with the flash.

How cool is that! It made the background very dark but lit up the flower (with it's spider friend). Wow! I always wondered how they did that!

Oh dear. Sounds like this wasn't a good idea. Thanks for the heads up from a few blog readers, it is actually an invasive plant! Himalayan balsam - non-native! So, I think we better take it out before the seed pods form and sprong everywhere!

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Gill said...

Gosh - be very careful Sandy !
This looks like Himalayan balsam - it's non native and very invasive!!
I'd get rid of it quickly if I was you.