Sunday, 13 July 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 1-6 July

So, we are back from holiday. Good rest from the urgency of deadlines and things. And so I have been working on catching up on the daily beads for July.

I worked out the order of steps and decided the grey beads were just not right for this project, so the white translucent beads will work for the whole month.

These bobbins were from a set of cheapy threads I was given by someone who 'saw them and thought of me'. My current machine doesn't use these bobbins. When I tried them before in the machine I had before that did use them, I discovered the bobbins are somewhat distorted and just don't work. So, I have been winding the thread off for things like tacking thread. And now the bobbins will not have gone to waste.

At this point I have caught up the first week, so here they are.
2014 - Week 27 Daily Beads (last part of week)








Judith said...

Very creative way to use those bobbins ~ looks like you have quite a few! Glad your holiday was restful and relaxing, today is the last day of my holidays as well, then its back to school for another term ... J

Gill said...

Fabulous Sandy - what a great idea !