Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sleeve day

Today I have been putting hanging sleeves onto pieces that need to be sent off hither and yon.

I entered 2 pieces into FOQ "Menina de Favela e Água"
and Sew Large - which I realise I never showed more than detail shots. As it wasn't accepted into the 'Redirecting the Ordinary' exhibition, I am sending it to FOQ.
H46in x W31in (117cm x 79cm)
“Sew Large” - A closer look at one of the tools of my trade.
A simple hand embroidery needle stuck into a piece of cotton covered with additional trial samples of cloth.
Any number of these can be found here and there around my studio.


and will also have 3 of this year's journal quilts there.

I also need to put sleeves on the Illuminated Letters to be sent to America next month. And a sleeve on Drop in a Bucket to be in France by 1 September.

This is a good kind of busy!

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