Wednesday, 31 July 2013


getting the photos up to link to quickly before bed.

Blue skirt - finished. This started out life as fabric I bought at Bombay Fabrics in Bradford ages ago. Some kind of blend I think. The selvedge says Perfect Fabrics! I tried to make a bog coat long jacket from it and failed utterly! So part of it was made into one of the skirts for girls in Ethiopia. The rest was made into this!



Detail of the walking slit at the back.

The unlined tartan skirt - finished. This fabric is cotton/linen blend. I got it in a sale of fabric at the National Needlework Archive.

No time for wearing it photos, but it is the same pattern as the blue.

Detail of the walking slit at the back...and pattern matching!

The other one will have to be finished another day.

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