Saturday, 27 July 2013

Rickety Shake

A bit stress, but I got this done and in the post and it arrived Friday as it was meant to. The other two went by courier which we had booked to collect. but this one wasn't done at that point. Then I realised I still had time for the PO, so it was alright.

other than the very many things I would have done better if I weren't rushing. I don't seem to be able to learn that lesson. Problems included miscalculating the amount of binding. I have made a double binding with a bit of brown on the edge because there wasn't enough brown for the binding. I didn't realise that piece, although longer - wasn't enough either! So, with about the only bit of scrap left, I made a single binding and cobbled it together.

I am pretty sure this is getting a new binding when I get it back! Must buy more of the dark brown though. I prefer the narrow dark edge that I have normally been doing with these.

And yes, I would do more quilting - especially with this wadding/batting. But I only had time to go around the features.

Anyway, enough waffle. Here is Rickety Shake! 150cm high x 50cm wide

It will be in the Contemporary section at the Festival of Quilts.
I think I want to develop this idea a bit further. Some things I discovered while in the process of this design.

In the process of doing these long thin ones and the Cloud Puppy, I have discovered my optimum size for managing in the machine with all my muscle problems is 100cm by 50 cm.

not 150cm high x 50cm wide like this and Visible Horizon and not 70cm high x 100cm wide.

50 is wide enough and 100 is wide enough. anymore, and I am really struggling.

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