Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Checking in - Cloud Puppy

The lower portion of the Cloud Puppy (ground, but it isn't really) has been quilted. I have never had such a difficult fabric to stitch. I thought it was the needle and all sorts, but on sections near the top fabric it was like butter when the pattern went onto the top.

Background fabrics photo from last week.
The difficult fabric is the bottom one.

I have even put baking parchment over the machine arm and the extension table. With the fabric being difficult to sew, it was doubly difficult to move the quilt around. More friction due to the heat? Anyway, that helped with the free motion part anyway.

I had been wondering why the thread was shredding. When I compared the needle to a fresh one, because I couldn't believe it could be dull, I discovered the tip was worn right down. I usually go a lot longer than that. But in one day I have already gone through 2 needles! Perhaps it was because it was a quilting needle? usually I use embroidery needles but only have 90/14 of those and metallic needles. But this fabric was like punching holes with that size! So, I used a 75/11 Quilting needle from a mixed pack I got with this machine.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll do the top part. I am looking forward to it after this fabric. The fabric itself feels nice. a bit smooth on the top, but not glazed. Glad it is done! but the actual quilting is not exactly my best standard with all that.

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