Monday, 1 July 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." June's Daily beaded projects

All the beaded washers for June together.

Now back to Fabric beads again. Haven't had much time to work out what colours. But I did write down some ideas earlier. So I will check that plan and see if I still want to go with it.

Thoughts about the daily beading project so far...

Yes. Smiley

1 - I am achieving something everyday.
2 - I am learning techniques I didn't consider at the beginning of the year.
3 - I am learning things about colour.
4 - I am developing a body of embellishments I can use in my work in the future that I have made myself.
5 - I am not bored, but already looking forward to revisiting some of the items I have made...possibly considering carrying on with this project into another year.

Click on the Label daily to see the bead projects for the other months in this Daily Beading project. The post is now linked to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


irenemacwilliam said...

they look great Sandy.

Sandy said...

Thanks Irene! I can sort of measure the success by how much I wish I didn’t have to move on to something else at the end of the month. But I also know I would lose interest if I was doing the same thing all year.