Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fabric Stash contest

Tonight is the deadline for the Fabric Stash contest. At the time of this writing over 975 yards have been sewn by a little over 80 members of Pattern Review. There are 786 items! Although that includes 150 little favour bags by one lady, and some other group items.
It may take you ages, but you can see all the work if you go to the Contest Gallery . Perhaps it will inspire you?

After clearing up from the Festival of Quilts entries, I came across these skirts I had started around January or February.

Why did I stop with only the waistband to be stitched down? They are already hemmed even! Oh, yeah, these were for Spring and we didn't have one! Or at least it was so delayed that I kept wearing the winter skirts and started on my textile art deadlines.

I have been quite busy with managing the contest and making the artwork. Plus then going up to Yorkshire the last few days. However, during July there has been a UFO contest as well. So, whilst the fabric stash contest is in the finishing stages and I am trying to keep up with the last entries, I am seeing if I can get these done. I have the waistbands stitched down and now need hook and eye closures.

There is also this skirt which is lined.

As well as the waistband, it needs the lining stitched down around the zip. And the hem on both the lining and the skirt. For now this will be a narrow hem on the lining. and possible the skirt, too, but I might get it hand hemmed you never know.

And if I do, I will get them all into the UFO contest. or at least the first 2. Not to win, but just because!

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