Thursday, 3 May 2012

At Lady Sew and Sew

A few photos of the fantastical wearable art at Lady Sew and Sew's warehouse in Henley. They have transformed some of the workshop area into a bit of a gallery.
Midnight Dance by Moonlight looks really good next to one of Kate Findlay's pieces from her series about the Hadron Collidor. There is actually a scene on the inside of the coat, but it is a choice between that and the 'Silver Shoon' for what to show off.

Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness ended up slightly more round to the left than these photos show so it could be seen from the centre of the room.
I tried to pin the coat open to show the dragon. But it sort of means the dummy covered by a creamy white on white polyester looks a bit odd. I stuck the 'gauntlets on to the sides so it wasn't such a bare white "what is this doing here?" sort of a look.
It does mean the 'book spine' sleeve and the back of the coat can be seen better though, especially in the newer position.

I am really grateful for another chance to get these ladies out of the wardrobe and show them off. I have been asked to tell you that Lady Sew and Sew are on Facebook. I don't know how to discover all this, not being on Facebook myself, but those of you who know will know what to do!

Here are further details I was sent...
We are thrilled to be running Venue 13 of the Henley Arts Trail and to be the lead sponsor of the overall event. We have recently started marketing our achievements and promotions on facebook. If you are on facebook, please do 'like' us to keep up to date with our progress. If you are not on it yourself, you may want to tell you friends we are using facebook to promote the exhibition as we may well be featuring your work !

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