Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Yesterday I was getting Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness and Midnight Dance by Midnight ready for exhibiting. I have been invited to display them at Lady Sew and Sew at their place in Henley for the Henley Arts Trail.

Because I keep them in garment bags in a fairly full wardrobe, they do end up with a few creases and need a bit of freshening up. A couple years ago I was given a proper steamer which is very useful for this. They are so big and voluminous. They also are made of fancy fabrics and covered with embellishments. So, a bit difficult to wrangle over an ironing board. However, the hosepipe for the steam does get kinks in it when you move the steam head down lower to the hem. This means the steam stops working! I heard about some bridal shops who have a hook in the ceiling so they can work on the lower sections.

At dinner I asked my dear Husband if he thought you could drill into the beam in my studio. I explained that I thought that if I could get a hook in there, I would have less trouble for the hem sections. and in nearly the blink of an eye...

I have a hook in the ceiling! Works fine!
So, I have to lift the hangers up to the hook with a stick that has blue tack on the end...due to my lack of height! But oh well. The hose only reaches up to chest level on the garments, but I can hang them on the steamer pole to do that part.

So, I am off today to get them on display.

If you are in this area at the weekend you should go see the Art in Henley!

May Bank Holiday Weekend
Saturday 5th May - Monday 7th May 2012


Ruth said...

You've certainly been busy. Lovely work as usual

Sandy said...

Hi Ruth,
These were made back when I was invited to participate in the Bernina Fashion Show. I was one of the designers for 2007 and 2008. And then they decided to stop doing it! :( They were modelled at the International Quilt Festival shows in Houston, Chicago, and Long Beach.
It is good to get them out of the wardrobe once in a while for someone to look at!