Monday, 21 May 2012


I am very excited because my sister who lives in Alaska is coming for a couple weeks! It has even prompted me to take all the curtains down and wash them!

okay stop laughing!

These have been wanting the hem put back up for I don't know how long.

Off to teach in a moment and then up early in the morning to collect her. 20 hours!!!! Well, more if you count the time from her house and waiting for the first flight. Poor girl. She will be shattered. nevermind their time is 9 hours behind ours.

We will be doing a bit of the touristy thing... and she will get in on some of the Queen's Jubilee events as well. Some by telly of course, but then you can see better and find out alot of the background.

Okay, back to getting things ready for college.

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