Wednesday, 15 February 2012

more new pj's

I intended to do some pj's for my son, but I need more measurements to get it right. He has alot more muscle now due to running and lifting weights. So, I am going to have to try to work out a bit more fitting when he is here for Spring break. I guess he is starting to have some problems getting clothes to fit. Maybe I will be making custom clothes for him.

But in the meanwhile, I used up some more of my flannel fabric to make another pair of pj's for my DH.

There wasn't enough of the red stripe on it's own, so I worked out a plan make it blend together with the blue stripe.

It can be an extra Valentine's present.


Ruth said...

I feel a little bit guilty at making only for myself when you do so much for other people. I have a teenage son (14) who is a staggering 6'2" - I will be looking to you for advice in the coming months about fit for males. But you know, you could be wearing these PJs this year-it's all the fashion!

Sandy said...

Ha, I make for others because I have yet to get fit for me that I like!