Thursday, 2 February 2012

about Britain

So, no buttons on a blouse... But Celtic Cross is finished.

edit: a better photo...the other was a bit light even with playing in PSP.

and Phone Home top is done!

A few years ago my sis in law had very thick paper serviettes at Christmas. Some came home with me to use in my work. It is thicker than most fabrics and very like fabric to work with. When I went into the cupboard to look for telephone box just jumped out at me!

back of the phone box piece

I used a stenciling technique. retaining the red but painting the other colours. at that point I wasn't sure about cutting and mounting or something else. I looked up British telephone boxes and amongst the photos saw one situated at the side of a path with a lot of bushes around it. So, this fabric - already fused from cutting other bushes from it - became just the thing to surround the 'snapshot' of the phone box.

Tomorrow I will sandwich and quilt it. I do have a meeting in the afternoon though, so I will probably do the buttons instead of starting another Around Britain piece.

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