Wednesday, 1 February 2012

back to art

Wow! last month I managed to sew over 30 yards of fabric in all the things I made! The blouse is at the buttonhole stage, but I was too tired to stay up late trying to do them. So, I ended up about 5th or 6th on the leader board. Cool. all the participants together sewed up over 1000 yards in the month.

I will get back to the buttonholes, but I dearly needed to make some art! So, here is a piece I made today. It still needs the other layers and a bit of quilting and the edging.  I enjoyed making the 20cm square size for 'cricket wicket', so I thought I would do a few more British themed pieces that size.

'Celtic Cross'

I embossed the metal from the inside of a tomato puree tube using a celtic cross design from a Celtic Craft book. Then I coloured it with permenant felt tips. The fabric was actually cut in an interlocking T pattern, but the metal covers it. So, I printed it with some carved wood blocks I have.

Tomorrow I should manage the blouse buttons and finishing this off. I have a couple other ideas for a few more British things. I also need to get onto the Journal quilts for this  year. The first 4 months are Red. I have a few ideas.

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Celia said...

Beautiful colours!