Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I got the buttonholes done after I posted the last post. Then put on the buttons the next day.
Here is the long sleeve blouse finished.

Then it got a bit busy over the weekend. But I have been working on a few more of the 'About Britain' pieces.
Here is Phone Home finished.

I am going to post them tomorrow. They suggested they might need a few extras to play about with placement and balance when they put selection together. If they don't get chosen, they will come right back, but if they do get chosen, they will come back when the exhibition is done.

I have had a traffic series in mind. I love the graphic symbols used for the various roundabouts. I mean to do something with just the black shape from different places sometime, but for now...
Here is Roads and Roundabouts.

And then I have always thought the Motorway symbol looked a bit like a superhero symbol... or at least like a transformer. So, here is Motorway Man. I always call him that when I see the sign.

and then while I was on signs...

We have Mind the Gap on the Way Out.
I already had the idea to emphasis the Gap. But when I went to quilt it, I looked at some more underground images and was struck with the idea of quilting the wall tiles to give the tube feel.

These 3 were all done mainly with fabric paint. Either by stencilling or by drawing the symbol with pencil and filling in with paint.

I have a few other ideas for making more for my son, but I need to get on with the next plan now.
oh, yes, and while I am now on half-term, I MUST take some time out just to read or something!

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