Friday, 4 February 2011

machine embroidery projects

Here are a few of the exciting things beginning to happen in the Machine Embroidery Course. The students are finding ways to use the techniques in their own work.

Kate has been working on a piece inspired by a wall on Lindisfarne. She is going to insert little pieces inspired by the 'carpet pages' in the Book of Kells.

Delia has been making little embroidered 'tiles' inspired by images of Medieval tiles.

Gaynor is working on a piece which evokes the feel of the sand and the sea through a Maori symbol.

Heather is working on a piece inspired by a design set into the pavement in Slough town centre.

Here Leslie is auditioning a feathered fabric which can be used as 'hair' for the women in her Klimpt inspired piece.

It is hard to believe the course will finish this coming week. I have really enjoyed working with these adventurous ladies! I hope they keep me posted with the results of their designs.

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