Sunday, 6 February 2011

ft and fitter

well, a blouse toile fit and fitter, not me. although I live in hope.

While I have been sorting out my jacket toile, I thought I would revisit my blouse just be sure. I had got to a certain point about 2 years ago, which produced something wearable, but just a bit 'ehhh' in certain areas.

and being that I didn't remember if I had written down the changes then or not, I thought I better see what was up. The main goal being a dress block without going through as many fitting steps. I will probably use my skirt block (which is now right) combined with the blouse block.

So, here, having made small adjustments(meaning I HAD changed the block at the time - since to start with it fit like the ones in the wardrobe upstairs.)is the main portion sans sleeves.

(By the way, when you are actually getting down to sew after a frustrating week of everyone needing you to do admin stuff, it is easier to rub out the background in PSP than to clean it up. which explains the strange shaped arm. I got a bit exuberant and didn't notice it til it would be too time consuming to undo/redo. pity PSP doesn't have a 'clean mirror' button!)

And here with sleeves! well, the piece of fabric had a fault I had to work round, so I cut them to the elbow. I will shorten them now when I finish it off. I wanted it to be at least that long because one of the problems was the arm was too snug.

My friend Sarah has just been writing about how she feels she has won the lottery when she has set a sleeve in. Well, I feel that way about this. AT LAST! I have got the sleeve head and the armscye to look like they belong to the same garment. It takes alot of guts to keep shaving off the sleeve head till you can put it in without wadges of fabric needing to be eased in. It looks nothing like the 'normal' shape of a sleeve head - as it is quite flat. but it fits ME and that is what counts.

Now that I have the sleeve right, I can use this block as a starting point to make other styles, including making a tall sleeve head and gathering or tucking the excess in to make a puff shoulder.

So, I am thinking to lighten the mood of this wearable toile and to break up the diagonal look which has developed from the print, I might do some pink piping on the front edges?

oh, I HAVE written the changes!

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Gabrielle Stanley said...

Nice to see my swapped fabric making another appearance