Sunday, 20 February 2011

bit of a break

well that was a bit of a break. I guess if things get to where you have to list glad things, then you are due for a break. so, having had one, I am starting to feel a bit better.

in the meanwhile...
Pepper's stitches out. the lump was cancer and the teat had to go too, but they got it all.

New friends round for dinner one day who are now better friends

old furniture exchanged for new! the old was 19years old. there was 2 - 2 seaters and one chair. the frames were still good, but I am not really a soft furnishings person, so the cushions and arm bits had got worse and worse having been through a growing boy and his dog.

New furniture - bigger than we thought! the ones in the shop were so much bigger. can you imagine trying to fit it all in? we got 1- 3 seater, 1- 2 seater and 2 chairs (some sort of deal) and they added an ottoman sort of footstool. (see also the valentine roses!)

so, now we have room for more people who we have been having round lately. I am also glad for at last having got the wallpaper and the furniture to be less of an insult to my artistic sensibilities. (well, lest just say that the original set fit the 'it-must-be-sturdy-and-not-something-you-have-to-climb-out-of' criteria, so there was not much effort on the part of one person to look further.)This time I was a bit more verbal in my requirements and adding cream/oatmeal coloured to the list has turned out very well.

The dog wanted to choose the 3-seater. after 12 years(and just having been poorly), it is a bit of an insult to be told you can't get up, when you were always invited before. So, I had a cream colour flannel sheet that is now on the 2-seater, so now she knows she can go there.

and also a dress toile - well, I am off to try it on in a minute. but I basically did it from the blouse block and a bit of guidance from the skirt block. Sure, this is NOT what I would choose to wear for a dress, but I hate the idea of cutting something out and not doing something with it. so, it is sewn with a long stitch and when I have worked out if it works for a dress and what needs sorting, I will put a few godets - perhaps gussets or whatever and make a summer nightie. I had been given this fabric - sort of lawn, but I am not sure it is pure cotton - in white with purple flowers...a WHOLE bolt! So, I gave some away, then I gave some more away. Then I tore off 3 lots of 3 metres and died them different colours. So, here is pink. I also have blue and purple. Purple will also be a nightie, but blue is nice enough for a proper blouse.

and furthermore - 1 jacket drafted from scratch. I sort of gave up on the botch that the other one had become. I still have no idea who approved the fit of the one I made in college! So it needs sewn, but it took me all day to draft, what with having to sit down periodically through the day when the legs started going numb. (which is happening far too frequently...see top of this post. Note to self...nag the hospital again tomorrow about the MRI results.)

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