Friday, 11 February 2011

Glad things 2

So, I lazed about today, and life seems more managable.

So this evening I started to make a 'quick' fleece blanket for a new baby I hope to meet on Sunday.

I had strips of fleece from when I did the scarf activity at the library. So, I started stitching 3 colours together and chopping. then I thought 'Why don't I do the disappearing 4 or 9 patch trick. so, I went to refresh my memory...and discovered I was already beyond doing it by the directions. So I added another strip of another colour, thus making two large pieces of 16 squares.
Above is the start and below is the finish

then I proceeded as if it were a disappearing 4 patch. and from there proceeded to do my own thing. Are you suprised?
So, here it is in the being chopped stage. you can compare with some of the directions online to see how I adapted it.

and now to finish stitching it together, trim it and see what to do about the seams at the back which I thought would be a feature, but are not too inspiring. I might make a backing and then take some left over squares from the fleece strips and stitch them down through the layers to 'quilt' it.

So now you know why I don't do patchwork? I can make even an 'easy' thing harder!

Adding a photo of how I did a leather binding for reference.

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