Tuesday, 1 February 2011

alcohol inks

when I was in America I bought some Alcohol inks, as I had heard alot about them. Apparently they make it easy to 'paint' on metal.

So, tomorrow we are covering the stitching on metal again for a bit as several were away the day we did it before. I had told the others I picked up something which might be fun on metal. So, I thought I better have a go.

However, of course in looking at internet videos about how to use them you need all sorts of applicators and blending solutions and whatnot. Well, I could leave them in the cupboard, or actually see what I could get them to do.

I dropped a few drops on the metal shim trimmings.
-for one I spread it around by blowing on it.the darker one to the right
-for another I tried to put it on the freezer paper and then press the metal onto it. It was not too effective so this step is not too obvious I think it would work better with greaseproof paper.
-and then I dropped some on one piece and placed the other onto it and rubbed them around.the colours blend a bit better.

I can see potential. They are much more expensive than I thought they would be and I don't think you can get them here.

Some people use rubbing alcohol instead of the blending solution...but of course you can't get that easily here either. However, I have been told the new fad for anti-bacterial wash lotions means you are basically getting a bottle with the main ingredient being rubbing alcohol (or something). So it is worth looking into. Then I might be able to try the idea of putting drops onto felt adding some blending solution/rubbing alcohol/hand wash and then apply it to the metal.

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