Thursday, 10 February 2011

glad things 1

some weeks would get on top of you if you didn't do glad things.

So, Glad Thing for Monday
The book my son ordered for Christmas but got stuck in the post due to snow and was delivered to uni anyway and I only got it because Sunday was Pepper's birthday and my husband took Pepper there and they all went for a long trek. (sometimes run on sentances are the only way to express the ordeal of something)
Anyway, it is a Very Glad thing.

Glad Thing for Tuesday
Following on from the blouse fit, I have made a corset toile which will be the basis for the inner construction for a garment of which I can not go into detail yet! So now I will decide whether I want traditional boning or my favourite corded boning, but either way I have to order some because I haven't enough for the cording and no actual boning.

It doesn't fit Madame as well as me, but you are NOT seeing me in it. :)

(This project kept me from worrying about Pepper who was having a lumpectomy, therefore it is classed as a Glad Thing.)

Glad Thing for Wednesday
Several Glad Things, including a prescription for a vitamin the doctors have realised I am lacking. So, here is to hope for some things improving on that regard.

Wednesday was the last night for the Machine Embroidery class. They have been a wonderful group of ladies, very keen and very imaginative. And see...very appreciative. This is a special bouquet of flowers and a card they gave me.
Besides being an obvious Glad Thing, this was all inspite of a very odd evening in which the electricity went off in the terripin where our class is held. We managed to make do, and finished off the rest of the class in the main building. but I have been fretting all night whether the power cut has damaged any of the computerised machines. (YIKES)

another Glad Thing from Wednesday
One of the ladies had been sounding me out (which I hadn't realised) as to whether I had the book below. When she found out I still had it on my wish list, she decided I needed her copy!
This is a VERY GLAD thing indeed!! Thank you Maria.
I will truly enjoy this!

Glad Thing for Thursday
The exciting project I have been alluding to has 3 parts. and today the silk arrived for part 1.

This is so wonderfully zinggy it has quite cheered the day. so, it prompted the Glad Thing post. So, even though I am feeling the first day of the holidays exhaustion that comes because you finally let yourself stop doing, I can at least think about some Glad Things and perhaps get motivated to get on with the exciting project tomorrow.

But I will go look at Dragons and Stitching Metal today...and pet my friend who is feeling a bit sorry for herself but is healing nicely...and put 1 or 2 or 3 things away in my Studio so I can actually think about doing anything tomorrow.

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