Friday, 29 October 2010

on the work table

covering the edge

I had two varigated threads that were of pretty much the same colour. The YLI thread was quite a bit thicker, as it is from their jeans thread variety.

I had decided to use the thinner thread. I usually pull a thread out quite a way and lay it on the quilt to see what it will look like. On the reel, it is a bit too solid to tell and sometimes you don't realise how strong one of the colours may be.

With the thinner thread, though, when I tried it, the changes were far too frequent. So, I snipped the bobbin thread and pulled it out.

I put a 120 needle in the machine and tried the YLI thread. This was great! The colours changed at decent intervals. Also the green is more the colour of the background. I think it gives just enough of the pink and yellow to give the idea of ice cream without being too much. And because the thread was thicker, it covered more, so the stitch length was 1 instead of .6

And then, I didn't get the chocolate sprinkles sewn on because I sorted all my beads and sequins and crystals into different containers after I started looking for the brown ones. Oh well, it needed doing! I have more beads, crystals and semi-precious stone chips than I had before and they no longer fit into the original containers. So, there was a lot of shuffling for a good part of the day.

and tomorrow I am going to a sewing afternoon! The ladies from the UKSewing online group who live in the Thames Valley area used to get together to chat now and again. We haven't done it for sometime, but last month we realised it was 10 years for the online group. So, we got together at Gabrielles. Some of the other ladies told us about some sewing evenings they attended and could we do something like it? SO, we are going to try once a month. It will be at the Community Centre near me, since I can get it for reduced fees. So, I think I will try to get some advice and help with a proper jacket. I will bring my camera. I just hope I remember to take photos.

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