Saturday, 16 October 2010

Triangle experiments - finished!

At last, finished and revealed at the meeting.
The EquilARTeral Meeting Point Triangles.

My "suspension bridge" (although I am not calling it that.) Perhaps I will call it 'Points on a Journey', as it is about the journey and meeting places and stops along the way.

from the right

from the left

Merete's box - follow this link to discover the mathematical journey she went on to get the clean designs in the centre and to see some of the structure ideas Merete explored before settling on a box.

And Jane's in progress - wool and felt covered wire.

We all struggled in one way or another with the equilateral triangles and agreed that they had a life of their own. The options of what could be done with them were somewhat limited. Or at least not given to much free expression. They rather dictated what they wanted doing. Jane loves working very freely, so she sort of lost heart, but I hope we convinced her it was a great idea and to carry on.

It is interesting how well they make a cohesive group. Both Merete's and mine have a graphic quality, while Jane's and Merete's are of colours that work well together.

Have you tried doing anything 3D with triangles?

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