Thursday, 4 November 2010

A bit of catchin up

I was going to catch up Tuesday, but I had a migraine. and of course Mon and Wed are all about getting ready to teach.

Anyway, Saturday morning my husband had some of his friends round for a breakfast. He cooked it. I stayed in bed. He did a top of the cooker full cooked breakfast in one pan sort of thing that he found on the internet served with american pancakes. My husband has been getting more and more domesticated as time goes on. Way back he became the one to do the hoovering...he gets fussed about the floors alot sooner than I do!

Then a few years ago he took on the food shopping. He walks and carries the shopping bags! So, he actually does it several evenings a week. fine...less issues for me with heavy shopping and a bad neck. You never really know what will be in the fridge for doing dinners, but oh well.

Then, since the summer when he made my birthday cake, he has been baking something each weekend. Cool!

He is a gadget man anyway, so suddenly we are getting fancy gadgets in the kitchen. For the breakfast, amazon sent us a warming tray, a posh griddle pan, and a new large saucepan because the old one wasn't non stick anymore, and also some silicon shapes which he hoped would work for shaped pancakes. Isn't it interesting that amazon knew he was doing a breakfast? :)

But the most amazing thing that arrived in the kitchen a few weeks ago was a spaceship sort of cooker thing which Ebay sent us! Yes, the fan assisted oven works perfect, but well "I read about it somewhere ans someone was getting rid of one so I thought I would try it." Okay.

It is a bit spooky. He decided to warm up some sort of pudding at the end of the meal the other night and we found we could turn off all the lights and have a sort of space age candlelight dinner effect.

Anyway, it is all good fun. More time for me to spend in the studio.

When I went to take the last photo, the camera showed these weird 'beam me up, Scotty' sort of blue electric ring things in front of the cooker. But they didn't show up on the photo.

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