Saturday, 2 October 2010

Region 7 - Wearable Art talk

Thanks to Steph, a fine young lady, I have some photos of my talk today in Old Welwyn, Hertfordshire. Basically imagine me babbling on. But they all seemed to really enjoy it!

The line up
 Tudor Glows coat

rust skirt - 2006 winner Student category FOQ

Epic Quest "book" coat

Last Dragoness - Lightning Dragon!

moon silver shoon!

secrets inside the coat

Midnight Dance gown - man/lady dancing

Steph kindly took loads more, which was really helpful with finding the right ones to show what it was actually like.

I also showed off my ribbon.

and got them busy making a bog coat pattern! This is me demoing with a piece of paper. The jacket I was wearing is my adaptation of a bog coat.

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quilthexle said...

Oh how lovely! You look great and VERY confident on that stage. Wish I would have been there! Thanks for posting !!